Air Conditioning Maintenance Facts

1) Over 80% of all air conditioner repairs could have been prevented with routine maintenance.

2) Air conditioners degrade anywhere from 1% to 3% per year.

3) When your air conditioner starts to degrade, your system will work harder to produce the same result. This means that your electric bills will be higher than normal.


4) Studies from utility companies indicate that Preventative Maintenance more than pays for itself in energy savings!

5) Maintaining your air conditioner and heater reduces its degradation rate and allows your equipment to run better and closer to its original condition at a lower cost to you.

Why is Service / Preventive Maintenance so necessary for heating and air conditioning equipment?

Why must we service and maintain our air conditioning system(s)?

Regularly scheduled service / preventive maintenance on any HVAC or heating and air conditioning system lowers overall air conditioning and heating service costs. It reduces emergency calls due to catastrophic failures; it results in lower energy costs and lower replacement costs. It reduces repair costs.

HVAC RULE: properly maintained air conditioning and heating equipment operates more efficiently, consumes less energy and lasts longer.